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The important role of the innovation for the work of the civil engineers

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Published: 11/04/2017

Country: United States
Lately, the practices and duties inside the civil engineering sector have grown to include nonstandard materials, dealing with sustainable concerns and the environmental impact, using the new existing technologies to embrace a better performance. The pledge of the engineers with the daily innovation helps them to reach more ambitious goals. Civil engineering leaders are able to share their common understandings within different organizations, projects and approaches. 

For example, at Geonius, an interdisciplinary company located in the Netherlands, the BIM Advisor Cristian Otter leads a six-people team focused on the innovation. According to him, the use of the new technology models have increase its company productivity. In Texas, Ishka Voiculescu, BIM Manager in the Public Works Department of the Austin City, has integrated new tools such as drones with the goal to present all the information captured by them to non technical profiles and stakeholders. In BVH Integrated Services are already using the 360-degree panoramic renderings to share the projects with the clients, helping them to focus in what really matters. 


The power of innovation is in the daily work

There are only five people in United States that have achieved the Professional Revit Certification in MEP Mechanical, MEP Electrical, Structural and Architectural. A huge accomplishment not stopping them to keep learning and improving in their field. Is the case of Wunch, who discovered the 360 degree panoramic view while messing around with Autodesk InfraWorks. His hard work and perseverance paid off with a tool that has improved the way his companies share their ideas and projects with the clients. Following the same investigation line, Voiculescu used the UAV technology to build and enrich our models based on the 3D GIS with a more realistic appearence for the stakeholders. In addition, he took advantage of the tools used to personalize them, taking out the best profit of it. 

Instead of searching for new solutions, Otter has invested his time in existing tools fto build exhaustive models in where to find geotechnical information and GIS layers within the capacities of the used software design. On the other hand, social media has significant helped to improve the work of this three engineers. Publishing in platforms like Facebook have allow them to connect with several profiles, each one of them with different personalities and characteristics that have give them a wide open vision of new ways of working within the urban environment.

The truth (or creativity) is out there

Staying at the office all day kills productivity and it's important to stay fresh. Otter's team is used to work outside closed environments, visiting clients, works and contractors, with the goal to attract innovation and new ideas. This strategy has allow Otter to get everybody on board, using integrated models for communication and information between the members. Not only with the team, but also the stakeholders and contractors can work at the same model with tablets in a more efficient way. 


Another way to increase this productivity we were talking about is attending to events such as Autodesk University, the perfect place to get surrounded by smart people already working with a different level of innovation. This kind of networking is perfect, not only for gaining new contacts but also to cultivate the human relationship we also need. Fitness and long walks outdoors are beneficial for the body and help us to stay creative and open to new incentives that will break with the tedious work at the computer. Going on vacation is another recomendation for al the engineers that want to learn something new from what are they doing in other countries and cities. Some aspects of the urban environment like sidewalks, ramps or bikeways are a huge potential inspiration focus to develop new improvements.  

Work for a bigger achievement

Is the key role of the leader to set up a common and bigger goal for every member of the team. This way will help them to focus and join efforts to work in a same direction, analyzing if the innovative ideas proposed are ment to work or they should be discard. Another aspect to take into consideration is safety at work. For example, in the Netherlands most of the territory is connected with underwater dikes and if the work is not properly done there is a high risk of flooding. For that reason, it is important not only to innovate but also keep in mind the safety needed to carry on with this improvements. In Austin, Voiculescu has the same concerns. There is a huge concern about turning this city in the most livable city in the country, so that means working in a better and faster way. 

For a civil engineer is important not only to stay tuned with the latest trends of the industry and manage the software perfectly, but also do it in the best efficient way, helping the environment and trying to minimize the costs. Now, is possible to do all of this with the new BIM Master in CIvil Engineering. A program focused on the civil engineers that want to improve their skills to get professional possibitlies in the industry.

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