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buildingSMART International launches de bSI awards 2017

A good chance to share the benefits of open BSI standards and openBIM

Published: 20/06/2017

Country: United States

buildingSMART International is delighted to announce the opening of submissions for the BSI Awards 2017. Architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, clients, operators and anyone that could be interested, are more than welcome to present their proposals about how to get the most advantage of open standards and BSI products. The inscriptions are open from the 1st May to the15th August. 

"It is an opportunity for all the companies to introduce their application of the buildingSMART open standards solutions to the current challenges regarding interoperability while facing the project delivery or assets in collaboration operations" said Richard Petrie, Chief Executive of bSI. "We want to recognize and celebrate the benefits of using openBIM in the construction industry. We have seen a huge increase in the use of this new open technology in all the industry aspects, even during the design phase, in the works itself, managing and supervision of an installation.I want to encourage to all the users that have integrated the buildingSMART methods in their nowadays processes, to share it with the community" has concluded the Chair of the bSI Awards Committee, Jan Karlshøj."

About the awards

The bSI Awards recognize all the projects that prove and highlight the use of open standards developed by the International buildingSMART community to overcome the interoperability challenges within the industry. There are 4 categories that include: Design Using Open Technology, Construction Using Open Technology, Operations and Maintenance Using Open Technology, and Student Project Using Open Technology.

The winners of each category will have to receive their awards in the Gala Dinner of the upcoming buildingSMART International Technical Summit, that will take place in London, October 30th to November 2nd 2017. In addition, Honourable Mentions will be provided, including for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

All the parties are welcome to join the competition. The participants don't have to be members of the buildingSMART International organization. It is mandatory for all the participants to prove clearly the effective use and inspiration of the open standards in AEC projects and services. Only one team will be able to present proposals that gather several categories, and the organizations can do the same as well, showing the complete benefits of the projects or focused specifically in the workflows of individual success. 

The winners will also receive the presentation publication on the BSI website. The goal of the prize program is to inform and inspire others to take advantage of open BSI standards. BSI awards are not only about success cases, we encourage the competitors to share their full experiences, even highlighting the problems and challenges, so the ideas about how can the buildingSMART solutions improve.

How to participate in the awards

Design: upload a 3D illustration and a plan suitable for its publication. If the presented project is finished, please, upload a high-resolution image as well in the TIFF, JPEG and EPS format. Is it possible to upload documentation, models, files BCF and additional videos.

Construction: upload a 3D illustration and a plan suitable for its publication. If the presented project is finished, please, upload a high-resolution image as well in the TIFF, JPEG and EPS format. Is it possible to upload documentation, models, files BCF and additional videos.

Operations and maintenance: please, remember to upload at least two illustrations in TIFF, JPEG or EPS format suitable for publication.

Students project: please, upload at least two illustrations in the TIFF, JPEG or EPS format suitable for publication. Upload documentation, models, BCF Files and additional videos, if available. 

Please, fill the form here. You can send the form and add any information missing anytime you during the procedure with the email you will receive from Google after sending the form for the first time. 

Please, send your documents using this special link to send via mail heavy files ( and send it to [email protected]. You will receive the information once the sent email is opened. For any doubt, you can get in touch with  [email protected].


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