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"OpenBIM is a big economic opportunity for the industry"

Richard Petrie, Chief Executive of buildingSMART International, highlights the growing need to develop collaborative standards

Published: 17/07/2017

Country: United Kingdom

If you are part of the BIM world, you will most likely know buildingSMART, the nonprofit organization that works tirelessly for the adoption of BIM around the world. The main goal of buildingSMART is "to create OpenBIM standards and get those into use, with real use and real end users all over the world", states Richard Petrie, Chief Executive of buildingSMART International.

Petrie also highlights the growing need to develop collaborative standards with the aim to bring efficiency to the sector which nowadays is very segmented, for this reason, "OpenBIM is a big economic opportunity for the AEC industry." The World Economic Forum has also identified BIM as one of the ways the construction industry can rebuild itself for the 21st century.

The concerns are...

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