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Revit Modeling: Better BIM Contracting for Architects and Owners

BIM is existent across the lifecycle of the building constructing project right from design inception to final construction stage and beyond

Published: 07/08/2018

Country: United States

BIM is existent across the lifecycle of the building constructing project right from design inception to final construction stage and beyond. It promises architects, engineers, contractors, design stakeholders and owners, of delivering the best possible deal with immersive 3D visual presentation of designs.

However, BIM has often failed to ensure the best outcomes - and architectural design agreement is where it gets trashed. This happens very frequently when it is the case of designing luxury villas, condo hotels, museums, mixed-use buildings etc.   

But if you know the ways to better commission the project and in a manner that brings together the architectural design consultants and owner, you have done a better job in utilizing BIM services for your works. Revit modeling and drafting in collaboration with an offshore BIM service provider is one of those ways. This multi-directional, database controlled platform allows changes in one view/area to reflect automatically in all other aspects of building design - wherever the changed item appears - including layouts, elevations, sections, plans, schedules or the 3D model itself.

Let us unfold some of those better ways to use BIM for architectural design and modeling.

Architectural BIM modeling to ensure better understanding  

Architectural BIM modeling and accurate CAD drafting eliminate the distorted design communication across the entire lifespan of the building to offer a client-friendly project set up. Designers and other project stakeholders involved in the project will be able to collaborate better by eliminating lack of information for the client to understand it without having technical expertise.  

In the traditional practices, designers and architects were involved with the project for a very short period of time and hence never felt responsible enough for the buildings or the owners’ dissatisfaction with the lifecycle. This often was a challenge for owners, contractors and the facility managers because of lack of availability of relevant information at the correct time.

Architectural BIM modeling services, on the other hand, does the exact opposite by presenting relevant, accurate and the correct design information through a single file in the form of Revit 3D BIM model of LOD 500 as per AIA standards. It helps the entire project team to make informed decisions during the design, construction, operations and maintenance stages.

Why do you need proper communication and contracting?

Although BIM promises a better platform to communicate designs, the owners find it difficult with the rapidly changing environment due to the design changes made by architects or the architectural design firms. And the clients find it difficult to cope up and keep themselves abreast with all the changes.

Also, the client certainly won’t know the methods of preparing BIM contracts and are unaware of the litigations of it. And a building construction project lasts for a long time so the litigations glitch now, can lead   to conflicts later. Hence to avoid blame games, a clear and comprehensive BIM contract is vital for the owners to get better results, consistently.

Expert BIM modeling services provider leverages Autodesk’s Revit platform to support BIM workflow, enabling 3D design modelling and 2D drafting plans right from pre-construction concept stages across detailed construction stages.

Role of an expert architectural BIM modeling service provider

When BIM solves so many of the design communication and management problems between the architects and the clients, to be able to leverage the advantages a BIM expert on the side of architectural firms is an added advantage.

The responsibilities of a Revit BIM expert who delivers architectural BIM modeling will educate and advise the client about fundamentals of BIM for its implementation and execution. The expert BIM teams will help collaborate the architect with another professional on the project and align their works with the clients’ need.  

Ideally, an architectural services provider will help the architectural consultants take the designs from concept ideas to the physical prototypes through 3D BIM models. Furthermore, if BIM is new for the architect, BIM development companies well-experienced, also act as a BIM consultant to help implement BIM across the organization and prepare BIM Execution Plans (BEP).

Final words

Revit BIM modeling with an expert BIM manager can essentially, offer the entire system of building design, and develop iconic designs and client friendly environment across the lifecycle by correct BIM implementation.

Hi-Tech CADD Services is your trusted BIM partner; supporting the design requirements for contractors, architects, engineers and MEP consultants through BIM solutions across USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

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