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Published: 25/06/2020

5 Tactics of Enhancing Revit Family Creation

Revit BIM is a digitized software application for implementing BIM methodology, facilitating the transition with assured quality & accuracy to all the AEC projects. Revit family creates BIM (Building Information Model) parametric dimensional competences to geometric components. The customized & reusable library helps all the AEC professionals to create accurate modeling standards as per BIM Level of Detailing and obtain Quantity Take-Off/BOQ in real-time with enhanced speed & reduced modeling time.

1. Stay Minimal While Modeling Geometry:

It is recommended to have detailed levels for elevations & plan representation and display options accessible on the visibility settings. Make use of symbolic lines and masking regions instead of geometry. Stay minimal while modeling geometry with defined visibility settings.

2. Don’t Over Model, Restricting Assembly Creation:

While building assemblies, ensure that you have restricted the creation of assemblies and parts to prevent the model overloading with all types of unnecessary details. Make sure that you have considered the significant assemblies.

3. Limit Usage of Nested & Parameterized Families:

With apt usage of parameters & nested families, you can successfully customize and create the families. However, it is significant that the use of nested & parameterized Revit families is necessary only to the point, as overloading can lead to intricacy, making the product frustrating.

4. Use Families Instead of Group:

Infographics encompass visual data representation, making intricate information easy to share and digest. While making a Revit family, one should organize images, charts, & text, citing sources.

5. Create Elements Using Solids Rather than Voids:

Voids are great to use if used frugally but they enforce penalties in terms of performance if used inappropriately or overused. Often voids present the solitary way of modeling elements accurately. Nevertheless, it’s better to create elements using solids rather than voids.

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