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Tekla BIMsight Clash Detection for Enhanced Collaboration

Construction Collaboration with Tekla BIMsight Clash Detection

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Published: 01/07/2021

Tekla BIMsight is considered to be a popular software tool amongst Building Information Modeling (BIM) professionals. Proficient BIM firms using Tekla BIMsight clash detection, facilitate in coordinating with project stakeholders through an integrated model and importing that to IFC format. Top BIM companies in USA are implementing this software application for comprehensive clash detection and design modification, identifying existing and potential conflicts. BIM service providers in USA with an in-house team of BIM engineers are delivering comprehensive Tekla BIMsight clash detection services.  Outsourcing Tekla BIMsight clash detection requirements, BIM services USA can benefit from design coordination, clash detection and streamlined communication. 

What is Tekla BIMSight Clash Detection?

  • Tekla BIMsight is an enterprise-class Window-based collaboration tool. 

  • Designed for construction industry professionals, Tekla BIMsight clash detection is a free tool to offer a suitable BIM environment. 

  • Using this software tool, companies providing BIM family creation in California, Texas, Florida and other parts of USA could successfully integrate 3D models, share information amongst project stakeholders, and identify clashes. 

  • Tekla BIMsight clash detection platform enables all AEC project participants to determine problems and resolve them at the design development stage before construction.

  • Tekla BIMsight clash detection facilitates streamlining the entire construction project life cycle by allowing providers of BIM services in Texas, Florida, New York, etc. to automatically resolve clashes. 

  • The software program offers the entire construction industry a free solution for model-based coordination. 

  • BIM modeling service providers delivering MEP coordination services implement Tekla BIMSight Clash Detection in two separate versions - a full version to work on Windows 7 and 8, and a Tekla BIMsight Note app crafted for IOS and Android devices.

Benefits of Tekla BIMSight Clash Detection

  • Reliable Construction Collaboration Tool

  • Tekla BIMsight clash detection acts as a reliable construction collaboration tool, which is offered free of cost without losing core functionalities. 

  • The powerful solution supports BIM services in Florida, Texas, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and other places in USA to collaborate effectively.

  • The well-designed interface operates flawlessly on Windows devices as well as with mobile devices through a touch user interface, enabling usage in the office, construction sites, or on the move. 

  • The 3D navigation feature of Tekla BIMsight Clash Detection helps to present the holistic technical view of the construction project.

  • Supports Instant Communication amongst AEC Stakeholders:

  • Tekla BIMsight Note enables AEC project participants to collaborate and share ideas on Android, iPad, as well as iPhone devices in real-time. 

  • The purpose-built tool aids instant communication amongst architects, contractors, consultants, owners, design firms and engineers, thus enabling you to receive and respond to all the notes created in the Tekla BIMsight. 

  • Tekla BIMsight clash detection accomplishes the communication cycle by availing BIM within everyone's reach. 

  • Communication with this tool is just like sending an email and text message. As a result, engineers could easily contribute to building designs, sitting from the comforts of their own space. 

  • Further, Building information modeling services in California, Texas, Florida, DC, etc. could successfully track their communication within the significant Tekla BIMsight clash detection projects.

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Tekla BIMsight Clash Detection Services 

Building contractors using Tekla BIMsight clash detection services could successfully avoid roadblocks in the construction project. Some of these services include:

  • Clash Check and Monitoring - Using Tekla BIMsight, BIM engineers could easily check out potential clashes in the designs and could monitor them during project development.

  • Clash Detection - MEP BIM modeling service providers evaluate MEP models, detect clashes and recommend design changes for improved efficiency.

  • Model Sharing – The model sharing feature of Tekla BIMsight clash detection enables easy sharing of the sectional model or the complete construction model to facilitate effective project collaboration.

  • Construction documentation and communication – BIM modelers support the entire construction project teams, including structural engineers, architects, MEP contractors, general contractors and other construction professionals keep track of the project and progress through Tekla BIMsight clash detection.

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Popular Tekla BIMsight Clash Detection Alternatives

  • Autodesk BIM 360

  • Hevacomp

  • TurboFloorPlan

  • YouBIM

  • StreamBIM

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