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How Tekla BIM Modeling Saves Time for Structural Engineers?

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Published: 10/08/2020

Are you looking for Building Information Modeling for Structural Engineering in the USA? Searching for structural BIM Modeling and structural steel shop drawings from competent structural engineers in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania, Richmond & Delaware? Why don’t you look for intelligent Tekla BIM Modeling services for structural engineers?  

Let’s take a look at how intelligent Tekla BIM Modeling helps to save time for structural engineering?

What is the Scope of Work for Structural Engineering Projects using Tekla BIM?

1. Construction Shop Drawing Creation through Tekla Structural Steel Detailing

2. Preparation of Concrete Lift Drawings including Elevation Drawings for Vertical Elements & Steel Detailing Drawings

3. 3D BIM Model Creation for Structural Engineers including:

  • Foundation for Structure - Earthwork in Excavation, Deep & Shallow Foundations, Pile Cap, Grade Beams, Footing Presentation, Foundation Walls, etc.

  • Horizontal Structural Components – Slab on Grade, Floor & Topping Slabs, Structural Beams, Joist, Embeds, Metal Deck, Structural Floor & Roof, Concrete Curbs, Drop Panels, etc.

  • Vertical Structural Components - Structural Walls, Openings, Shear Walls & Penetrations, Columns, Ramps, Stairs, Retaining Walls, Lintels, etc.

  • Other Structural Constituents – Construction Joints, CMU Walls, Water Stop, Equipment Pads, Sleeves, Concrete Deadman, Reinforcement, etc.

  • Pre-Cast Components - Hollow Core Slab, Tilt-Up wall Panels, Joist, Pile, Structural Beams, Columns, Stair, Connection Details, Culverts, Parapets, Barriers, etc.

What Project Challenges are Resolved for Structural Engineering by Tekla BIM?

  1. Challenge – Collaboration Issues

Structural steel detailers, BIM Modelers, and structural engineers often have to work with multiple users across different zones, spread across the world, and in the USA. Sometimes, a precast concrete project even entails over 40 people in various segments for executing the structural BIM model. Consequently, it becomes difficult to move ahead with the project smoothly. The structural engineers require an effective collaborative software platform for enhancing productivity and executing the construction flawlessly. A cloud server for structural model Sharing becomes essential for the easy access of the model and files as per diverse time zones.

Solution:  Tekla Software application facilitates multiple stakeholders involved in the project to work simultaneously in the cloud server across diverse time zones of the world without any trouble using the master model sharing.

  1. Challenge – Lot of Structural Panels with Diverse Precast Components

A structural precast modeling project often involves several precast wall panels, ribbed floor, and beam panels and columns and it was difficult to execute the project in a short & stipulated time frame specified by the clients.

Solution: Once the reinforcement of a structural panel gets completed, Tekla BIM software application helps to reinforce the structural panels easily from one panel to the other through a ‘copy special’ command, thus avoiding the recurring work, saving time.

  1. Challenge –Short Deadline for Shop Drawing Creation 

The structural engineers and structural steel detailers often find it challenging to prepare quality shop drawings for all the structural panels within a short time.

Solution: Tekla BIM software helps to create clone drawings. Using this process, the structural engineers create shop drawings for similar panels, thus reducing time for structural steel shop drawing preparation.

  1. Challenge - Difficulty in Maintenance of Numbering System of Reinforced Panel

In a big precast concrete project, it is difficult to maintain the numbering system for all the structural panels. A number system is important for identifying the particular panels as well as for the reinforcement of the whole project.

Solution: Working with the "Numbering" system is a noteworthy part of the Tekla Software. If a structural engineering expert is required to change the Rebar Model, they have to undertake "Perform Numbering" of the panel, which helps to easily obtain the bar mark of the Rebar from the structural model.

  1. Challenge - Time-Consuming Use of Repetitive Custom Components from Hardware 

Structural engineers have to work with the repeated use of the structural components in the precast panels such as the structural embeds, hangers, lifters, couplers, etc.

Solution: Tekla BIM software helps the structural engineering experts to create a lot of custom components for structural modeling and use the custom components in the model.

  1. Challenge - Schedule Constraint for Obtaining Bar Bending Schedule

It is often difficult to obtain the Bar Bending Schedule in the construction shop drawing after the reinforcement of the structural panels.

Solution: The structural engineers could easily obtain the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) of the Rebars using Tekla BIM.

  1. Challenge - Need for Identifying the Pouring

Pouring is important in a structural precast project for identifying which part is poured at a specific time.

Solution: Tekla helps to identify pouring, which is one of the most valuable options for showing the concrete model with different pouring in the site.

  1. Challenge - Need for Identifying the Phasing

Phasing is another essential requisite for the representation and identification of structural steel detailing.

Solution: Phasing in Tekla helps to show the entire concrete model with diverse color regions, presenting every part and floor. As a result, it facilitates in identifying a particular section of the entire concrete model easily.

  1. Challenge - Requirement for Collection & Visibility Procedure

The Selection & Visibility filters also form a crucial aspect of selecting & identifying a specific structural component or an object from the entire structural model.

Solution: Selection and Visibility Filter constitute to be an important facet of Tekla. The software helped to detect an object with ease from the entire structural BIM model.

  1. Challenge - Difficulty in Panel Calculation for Site Transportation

Often, the structural steel detailing companies in the USA to find it difficult to calculate the number of panels for Site Transportation, thus enhancing the transport cost of the Pre-cast Contractor.

Solution: “Lotting” constitutes to be a significant feature in Tekla that helps the structural steel detailers and the structural engineering professionals to easily measure group assemblies for transporting to the site. Further, from this option, the structural BIM engineers can calculate the numbers of units of panels carried by the vehicle along with the panel size for a suitable vehicle.

  1. Challenge - Necessity for a Distinct Environment for Drawing & Model View

Separate as well as a specific environment is essential for structural drafting and structural modeling to avoid shifting of the BIM model components with changes in the drawings.

Solution: Implementing Tekla BIM, the model, and structural drawing environments become different and so the structural engineering professionals cannot move the 'drawing' to the model environment simultaneously. This prevents the final structural model from getting edited or tampered with the change in the model elements owing to the drawing modifications.

Future of Tekla BIM Modeling on Structural Engineering:

Using Tekla BIM Modeling for structural trade, structural engineers, and steel detailers can complete 80% of the drawing submission. Further, the work efficiency gets enhanced to 40% with flawless collaboration amongst project stakeholders, reducing errors, and improving building performance. Implementing Tekla BIM on Structural Engineering Project facilitates in providing quality output with less effort, improved production at less time and the ease of access for maintenance provisions and facility management.

Tekla BIM implementation will continue to simplify BIM implementation by streamlining project operations in public, private as well as government sectors. The next generation will work with Tekla cloud BIM model sharing. Tekla integrated BIM Modeling platform will provide effective collaboration for structural projects, modernizing information management methods such as document control and design problem resolution by RFI management, paving the way for information aggregation for BIM collaboration.

Proficient BIM Engineers of Tejjy Inc. collaborate with Fabricators and Structural Design firms in Washington DC, New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Richmond & Delaware to provide quality structural BIM Modeling and detailed Structural steel drawings. For more information on Structural Steel Detailing services, Fabrication Drawings Services, Structural Shop Drawings, or Bill of Quantity Extraction, contact the BIM Modelers of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].

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