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Construction Risk Mitigation Through BIM Management Services

Construction Risk Controlled by BIM Management Firms

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Published: 02/11/2021

Technologically proficient people often face problems in successfully managing and coordinating projects. They need specialized skills to execute coordination drawings and proficient Building Information Modeling professionals help to achieve this. In the construction sector, the demand for BIM Management Services is enormous and an individual must understand this process thoroughly. You can save a lot of money with BIM outsourcing from a professional engineer. Choose the right Building Information Modeling company that excels in the field. Considering the value delivered through BIM workflow management, all building owners should invest in such services to get long-term benefits.

Now, a construction project deviates from its predetermined timeframe, budget, and workflow for several reasons like labor shortage. A sound risk management plan is necessary in this regard. BIM companies aim to control risks in most projects by evaluating the situation and stretching their resources to produce the desired results.

What is BIM Service?

Building Information Modeling is a technique of approaching design documentation of various AEC projects. The technology provides the right knowledge for architects, engineers, and construction professionals for planning, designing and managing buildings and infrastructure.

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What is a BIM Management Plan?

A BIM Management Plan specifies the entire project team members about who will do what task and at what time. The plan also ensures how to meet the project objectives and why a Building Information Modeling based project delivery is significant. The plan is created after project contributors are formally appointed in the current procurement procedure.

What are the responsibilities of BIM managers?

A BIM Manager oversees the process of how a company's BIM workflow is implemented. They take the right decisions about software applications, project workflow, as well as BIM standards with the necessary components of modern architecture or design firms. It’s the responsibility of the managers to check out and control all construction risks that may occur during the building project lifecycle.

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Types of Construction Risk Controlled by BIM Management Service Firms

Before considering how BIM services help to manage and control risks, let’s take a look at the different types of construction risks controlled by managers for operation and ongoing assessment:

· Finance: Almost every project faces a chance of budget overrun that hampers a company's long-term viability. Effective workflow management facilitates making the right project budget plan for your construction.

· Design: An error-free plan is crucial to understand when to proceed with a plan. A half-completed strategy has the potential to put everybody out of work.

· Schedule: The biggest way to avoid project cost overruns is planning everything – contingency, activity, and work process. Since changes in the timeline have a significant impact on the construction sector, engineering firms should set the schedule risk to handle it.

How to Avoid Construction Risks through BIM?

Now, let’s delve into the details of how BIM coordination services help to avoid construction risks. BIM workflow management facilitates the AEC professionals to control hazards and manage various risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Here are the few ways Building Information Modeling aids risk mitigation during the construction process:

· Mitigate Negative Impact of Events – Building Information Modeling helps to mitigate the negative impact of events by predicting them as per data. Construction project managers along with other project stakeholders analyze the cost, time, errors, and hazards occurring during the construction work process through using workflow management software. This technological integration enables project managers to reduce potential risks, project delays and failures, and decrease cost variability - all having negative consequences. Using 3D Modeling at the initial design-build stage helps to improve decision-making capabilities and overall user experience.

· Create a Safe Construction Environment: Engineers also prefer BIM management services to help architects select the best construction materials for the environment and people's safety, making the site stronger and safer. BIM helps to maintain compliance with safety regulations, identifying potential dangers and eliminating a problem before it becomes real. Using 4D BIM, visual risk analysis and safety assessment are easily conducted for in-depth analysis of site conditions for task-specific assignments of both the supervisors and workers.

· Reduce Risks During the Construction Phase - A significant advantage of BIM is its cloud connectivity. At any time, all information, reports, and statistics from the design process are conveniently available. Autodesk's BIM 360 Docs are significant to ensure that all stakeholders work with the most updated versions of blueprints. Building Information Modeling facilitates every stakeholder to stay up to date, reducing risks during the building phase.

· Manage Issues During Building Operational Phase - Risk is present not only throughout the design and construction phases, but even after the project gets completed. The data created through the model are used by facility management for identifying flaws as well as the areas of efficiencies. Uploading BIM data into a facility management system constitutes an excellent technique to ensure operational efficiency, as it aggregates data, comparing expected and actual performance.

· Ensure Superior Construction while Extending Building Life: BIM MEP coordination services ensure that the building design solutions are flawless before the onset of the construction workflow. Building information modeling improves efficiency by providing a backdrop for future remodeling or augmentation while retaining structural integrity and enhancing its longevity. MEP coordination drawings created through BIM can successfully remove all odds of unanticipated complications arising from post-construction, boosting construction efficiency. Further, the structure created through BIM provides an ideal foundation for future renovations and modifications. So, if new contractors have access to data, reports, and analysis, they could immediately take over and work efficiently.

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Final Thought:

BIM management services in the construction work process, facilitate timely access to data, documents, and reports, enhancing transparency, and improving quality of work and integrity. There is uncertainty at every step of the construction process and anticipating unforeseen events help you to plan, saving money in the long run. Adopt BIM Workflow Management to successfully manage all challenges, reducing risks.

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