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3D Modeling for Architectural Visualization

Building Analysis through BIM 3D Modeling & Visualization

3D / VDC Facility Management Infrastructures Project
Published: 03/05/2021

Building Information Modeling uses Revit Software application for exploring, validating and conveying building designs, detecting constructability issues and saving time. Envisioning how the building inhabitants and visitors would interact with a construction constitutes a significant aspect of the design process. “Would a construction cast shadow on an adjacent place?” “Would the lobby be congested?” “Would there be adequate daylight underneath the passageway?” The solution could be obtained from 3d architectural visualization companies through “visualizing” construction. AEC stakeholders rely on BIM 3D modeling firms for experiencing building design, at the pre-construction stage. Revit BIM architectural design provides the ability to visualize building performance before construction. Accurate 3D models for architectural visualization evaluate the effects of the building design. Here, we would discuss how BIM architectural 3d modeling services facilitate the building design process and make the right analysis for construction.

Problem of Visualizing Architectural Design in Conventional Process

Earlier, visualizing the building design of an architect depends to a great extent on the sketch of an artist. So, there is always a probability that the visualizations  get hampered by the ability of the viewer to interpret drawings mentally, the nature of the medium as well as the artist’s renderings.

Solution with state of the art 3d rendering visualization & BIM Modeling 

High quality 3D BIM modeling technologies helped computer based 3D visualizations. BIM integrated 3D architecture walkthrough, and 3d rendering services enable several design visualizations to effectively communicate 3d design by validating design concepts. Revit based architectural rendering tools provide integrated visualization for quick feedback during the design process. 3d designers use cost effective BIM modeling and visualization tools such as 3DS Max to help the BIM engineers deliver practical renderings, as admirable as an art gallery, Animated walk-through and fly-by are presented to the real estate professionals, helping them win project bids. BIM service providers in USA, create 3d models in Revit BIM for effective design development and coordination. An engineer using BIM services efficiently visualizes the construction workflow,  re-using data, avoiding time wastage and saving cost. 3D BIM model produces an accurate and detailed building model. This is used for advanced visualization of urban buildings with an existing structure or a thermal analysis, showing exactly how a new light shelf design would impact indoor lighting, throughout the day. 

A Glance at the BIM 3D Modeling Services for Architectural Visualization & Building Analysis

  • Design Development & Coordination – BIM modelers interact with architects for comprehending design-intent and providing value-added support throughout the design process, starting from the conceptual, schematic and detail design development stages.

  • Conceptual design – The initial stage of the design process, in which the drawings are the solid models for providing a depiction of the proposed system. The stage relates to LOD 100 Revit model, encompassing elements of Masses for project phasing.

  • Schematic design – This stage of the design also defines the general scope of the project, stating the association amongst building components. This corresponds to LOD 200 Revit model, with generic elements.

  • Detailed Design – The stage subsequent to the schematic design is detailed design, where schematic designs are executed in greater details. This matches with LOD 300 Revit model, where the AEC professionals get an idea of how the project would look like after construction.

  • Construction Documentation – The stage acts as a bridge between building design and physical building form. This embraces drawing preparation for detailed construction requirements at LOD 400 Model, with all information of the building model.

  • Clash Coordination with Services -  Coordination amongst various building elements is vital for building design to be efficient. The gaps between design disciplines are a common cause for change orders in the field of construction and can be eliminated by coordinating amongst architectural, structural and MEPFP services, thus closing design loopholes. 

  • Virtual Mockups: BIM facilitates design verification, ensuring that the design meets client’s expectations through virtual mockup of building components. A 360 degree virtual tour of the construction is created through comprehensive 3D renderings and walkthroughs. This helps in accurate project visualization at the pre-construction stage.

To know more about 3D Modeling Services for Architectural Visualization & Building Analysis, consult the BIM engineers of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected]. Tejjy Inc. provides comprehensive BIM engineering services including constructability review, design validation, architectural designing, clash coordination, shop drawings, quantity takeoff, VDC, facilities operations and management as well as point cloud modeling.


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