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Top 7 Tips for Selecting Revit BIM Outsourcing Partner

Weigh up tactics for choosing your Revit BIM outsourcing partner

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Published: 07/10/2020

Building Information Modeling is one of the most significant parts of any construction project. Problems crop up whenever one has to select the best option from several alternatives for executing the entire BIM project. If you don't have your in-house talent to work on desired Revit BIM solutions, or want to increase the proficiency of 3d modeling, you should opt for Revit BIM outsourcing companies. The prime tasks of a Revit BIM service provider for saving construction time and cost encompass the use of 3D modeling, clash coordination, quality checks, 5D cost estimation/BOQ/Quantity Takeoff as well as 4d construction simulation. Outsourcing of BIM services perceives an ascending trend in the construction industry. The fact is that about 45% of general contracting firms in US outsource BIM services regularly and the practice is gaining popularity every day. Offshoring companies are queuing up with alluring offers on BIM services. The only dilemma for the construction companies is the right way of identifying the best BIM service provider. 

Let’s weigh up the top 7 tips for selecting Revit BIM outsourcing partner:

  1. Proficiency:  Opt for the top BIM companies who have the proficiency to work on construction projects and manage startups for building your own.

  2. Reference: Pay heed to the fact that not all BIM companies allow outsourcing providers to publish their references. If you don’t see many references on the website, never hesitate to ask for them.

  3. Technology: It is also mandatory to explore the technology stack and procedure the BIM companies are adopting. It’s good to work with automated continuous integration and deployment such as quality assurance at every step of the way, while setting up high code quality requirements.

  4. Framework:  A proficient BIM company provides the right framework for managing product development. Check out whether the BIM Service providers are working with Agile and SCRUM.

  5. Business Need: It is also important that the BIM service providers you are seeking understand your business requirements. Sometimes, even the best developers may fail if they are unable to understand what you want from them. Competent BIM Modeling companies guide you in the right way about seeking the right BIM software platform for your business. This helps you to bring profit to your organization and let you plan how to spend money effectively without unnecessary expenses, delivering the product on time.

  6. Transparency: Transparency of your construction business is barely visible at the first glance. However, business transparency is crucial for creating a stable and trusted association. A BIM outsourcing service provider helps you find information on how to authenticate it before signing an agreement. You can get the best client experience for communication from BIM companies with the impression that every meeting should be planned meticulously through call or in person. This helps in substantiating early about the theme of the conversation – be it technical, or organizational at the pre-construction stage. In case it is technical, the technical people should be summoned for a call.

  7. Project Cost Estimation:  The right Revit BIM outsourcing partner facilitates in estimating the cost of an entire project. The price for a man-hour cannot be a measurable indicator, as the final cost hinges on the project length. Top BIM companies in the USA are able to deliver products faster with a higher price for a man-hour. As a BIM manager, you should consider the time you are working on the Minimum Viable Product. If you are not earning money  with a long-time strategy, it would be better to choose the one that will deliver your product faster.

Crux of the thought

There are few other norms that you should take into consideration for choosing a BIM partner such as checking the details of the BIM company, believing in seeing and undertaking reference checking.  Never think that low cost would provide you the best alternative. So, before opting for a BIM outsourcing partner, ensure that your expectations align with what’s offered by your associates. Make sure that the goal you are seeking leads you to an ideal and reliable BIM partner. It would only lead to a feasible solution, when your BIM outsourcing services are on the same page. Ensure the fact that you define your expectations, milestones, and deliverable concisely. There should not be the presence of any ambiguity of thought. Further, it is vital that your BIM outsourcing partner stay up to date with all latest technology trends and software applications. While assessing a BIM company for your BIM modeling requirements, follow the specifications for ensuring cost benefits, saving time, and guarantee that your construction projects are ready in hands! 

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