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6 Reasons Why Construction Managers Should Embrace BIM?

6 Tips Why Should You Implement BIM

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Published: 03/12/2020

Construction project managers are always worried about how to bring home a profitable project with an anticipated cash flow. Profit constitutes to be an extremely significant part of the economy. Balancing the prerequisite for the best bid with the profit margins is really a difficult task. But Building Information Modeling in USA (Connecticut, VA, MD, Houston) works in both a hard bid and Good Manufacturing Practice set-up. Building Information Modeling (BIM) technique facilitates construction companies in adding value to their projects, reducing cost and time for construction. 

Here are the 6 reasons why construction managers should embrace BIM services?

  1. Organizing project schedule & budget during pre-construction

It is often required by the construction managers to schedule a project. Using BIM Modeling services, BIM engineers capture scientific details from the 3D model and could produce accurate schedules and budget for the project. They combine conventional projects with 4D scheduling to visualize the planning of the construction sequence. Further, an integrated 5d BIM cost estimation facilitates in making an accurate project cost analysis beforehand.

  1. Collaborating with design team to keep projects on track 

Construction managers also have to work with design teams for keeping projects on track. BIM modeling services facilitate the construction project managers to keep everything organized, up-to-date and accurate. Using the 5D BIM model, they could envisage and explore changes, keeping the project scope intact and acting as a reliable contact between the building owners and designers.

  1. Managing BIM clash detection and coordination

Being a responsible project manager, the construction managers have to accomplish clash detection and coordination. BIM modeling services help them to detect clashes in the building systems at the pre-construction stage and also coordinate them before the onset of the actual construction. This gives rise to a smooth construction work process, with reduced rework and cost savings. 

  1. Handling RFIs and change orders

If there are increased RFIs and change orders, the actual work of the construction comes to a halt. Using BIM services, the construction project managers start the process of coordination at a much earlier stage. They use the architectural, structural and mep coordination services during the pre-construction stage, thus bringing down the RFIs and change orders to a much reduced rate. This ultimately leads to enhanced off-site prefabrication and streamlined on-site installation, leading to projected cash flow for the owners.

  1. Continuous monitoring of subordinates’ performance

As a manager, the construction team lead has to monitor the performance of their subordinates. They use BIM 4d scheduling technique to map the work accomplished by the laborers. 4d bim model acts as a mirror to the construction managers for monitoring project activities. To take an instance, the project managers are able to evaluate the 14 days look ahead schedule for the workforce with 4d simulation and compare actual productivity rates. If there is a delay in the work schedule, the managers apply location management BIM technique for avoiding schedule interference points and keeping a project schedule on track. As soon as the schedule gets on track, the budget is also on track. In the control chart, you have to enter ‘actual data’ to forecast views with alarm warnings, signifying when and where the crews would clash if not revised.

  1. Project closeout operations and maintenance

BIM modeling services are also significant during project closeout operations and maintenance. This helps the project managers to exceed the expectations of the owners. The capabilities of new reporting and light-weight mode of model presentation let the construction manager present 6D BIM facilities management with accurate information on specifications, maintenance construction schedules, and other valuable information.

By thoroughly understanding the project with BIM services, the construction managers work with more tools for keeping tight reins, and monitoring project progress with cash flow, look ahead schedules, and value analysis. So, why shouldn’t be a part of the BIM team? Why shouldn’t you run the most exciting projects on the Building Information Modeling platform? Progressive building owners are mandating Building Information Modeling in USA (Connecticut, VA, MD, Houston)  on their projects for the construction of hospitals, stadiums, museums and skyscrapers. Implement BIM engineering services from Tejjy Inc. BIM service provider in USA at 202-465-4830 or [email protected] and control construction from the pre-construction to the post construction stage. BIM would help you to become an invaluable key player and the winner. The project’s success with BIM provides an opportunity to develop the firm’s reputation and facilitate corporate team win new business.



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