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Scan to BIM Design Build Solution in Precise Digital Model

Scan to BIM Modeling Work Process

3D / VDC Collaborative Processes & Tender Operation
Published: 01/03/2021

Today, various technologies are applied for improved customer services and modernization. SCAN to BIM Design Build is an innovative technique, combining the power of 3D laser scanning & laser tracking technologies with Building Information Modeling. The laser scan to BIM technology allows construction professionals to effectively make the construction planning of the projects to the stage of final assembly, saving around 40% to 90% of the project time. Scan to BIM design-build solution provides a single reference file in a precise digital model, enabling customers to enjoy several advantages like:

  • Manage, Benchmark, Synchronize & Organize Incoming Data

  • Obtain Reliable Reference Data in Real Time

  • Plan Ahead & Optimize New Building Performance

Uniqueness about Laser Scan to BIM Design Build Service

Design-build projects constitute to be the most challenging projects for the architects, engineers, consultants and other project stakeholders. Top BIM service providers in USA implement smart and effective point cloud laser scans to BIM to get the confidence of yielding cost effective result for major construction projects of the world.

Working Methodology of Laser Scan to BIM Design Build

  • 3D Laser Scanning from Faro Focus Scanner

  • Registering Scans through Recap Pro

  • Creating Point Cloud Model from Laser Scans 

  • Performing Quality Analysis, Comparing As-Built to As-Design Models

  • Measurement of Stockpile Capacity from Laser Scan with Bentley and Civil 3D Software

The entire process enables AEC stakeholders to optimize quality control and maintain project progress as per construction schedule. 

Strategy for Successful Laser Scan to BIM Technology Implementation

Value Proposition/Technology Leverage

  • Laser scan to BIM Point Cloud creates precise 3d models of services for renovation & addition projects, enabling reliability and quality control

  • During renovation, construction laser scan to BIM Model provides an improved platform for detailing of design work

  • As Built Drawings are prepared from Point Cloud for Plan, Elevation and Section Sheet

  • Transparency & streamlined communication with 3D BIM visualization for quick decision making

  • RFIs, work stoppage & reworks are eliminated by checking accuracy of 3D Model from laser scan data, saving time & money for clients

Work Process – 3C Formula

  • Capture - Using laser scanners, a construction site gets scanned and a detailed set of data or 'points'  is captured for further processing.

  • Compute – Through laser scan to BIM Software, point cloud scan data is automatically registered, sewn into the coordinate system, cleaned up and are analyzed. The final product constitutes  to be a point cloud ready file for the BIM Authoring Tools.

  • Create – Design with up-to-date model information of actual site conditions of renovation and infrastructure project.

Process  & Solution

3D Laser Scanning from Faro Focus Scanner

  • The scanner is a primary requirement for laser scanning - Faro Focus scanner is used with some target accessories. Faro station requires some stationary targets for coordinating with adjacent scans and bringing the model in the global coordinate system.

Registration of Scans using Autodesk Recap Pro

  • After completion of the registration & indexing of scans,  X, Y & Z coordinates are provided to target points in Recap for bringing the point cloud model in the global coordinate system.

Quality Analysis/Quality Control Comparing As-Built to As-design Models

Point cloud model increases the Quality Analysis or Quality Control process of construction with the As-design models. As-Design & As-Built Models in Navisworks are compared with 2 methodologies:

  • Manual comparison of both the models

  • Using Advanced Plugin like ClearEdge3D for checking standard deviations between the models

Stockpile Volume Measurement from Laser Scan through CIVIL 3D & Bentley

  • Stockpile Quantity measurement through point cloud laser scanning plays a significant role to track project cost.

  • Invoicing aggregate stock processed according to volume by Laser Scanning

  • Inner scheduler for point cloud laser scanning for checking stock

  • Civil 3D software creates surfaces with the orientation of point in 3D Point Cloud Model 

  • Volume Calculation with Triangulation Algorithm

Challenges Faced by Construction Professionals

The conventional practices for capturing existing field conditions are tedious, manual, and inaccurate, leading to costly rework. Whether it’s a building renovation or large scale infrastructure project, the construction survey and the documentation cannot be precisely captured in an efficient way. The time-consuming, manual & inefficient process gives rise to inaccurate measurement for construction site sections.

Overcoming Challenges with Point Cloud BIM Model

An increase in BIM usage leads to more requests for 3D surveys, leading to enhanced laser scanner use with point cloud deliverables. The growth of Building Information Modeling technique plays a significant part in adopting point clouds across non-survey disciplines. Laser scan to BIM modeling, thus facilitates in creating an older structure with static image documentation of an existing condition. 

Key Takeaways of Laser Scan to BIM Process

  • Accuracy – Using photo-to-point cloud creation & laser scanning, realty is captured with incredible details, preventing costly rework at a later stage. Every point is mapped onto a coordinate system for an intelligent survey output, ready to get exported as per requirement.

  • Built-in Efficacy - A construction site scan instantly creates digitized 3D replicas accelerating the survey and documentation, reducing labor costs. Reality capture also facilitates in creating an efficient workflow, improving productivity and reducing time & manual effort. 

  • Reduced Manual Work - Digitized data provide analytical insight to survey specialists for finding out the opportunities and challenges of design & construction.

  • Designing in 3d - Through Intelligent laser scan to BIM modeling, project teams are able to avoid manual design and documentation rework, reducing delays in design schedules by 30%.

Long Term Benefits from scan to BIM - Sustainability Gain 

3D scanning provides construction professionals an ability to customize almost anything they want. Further, affordable price points in 3D scanning make the technique more accessible to consumers.

Future Outlook - Global 3d Laser Scanning technique is set to boom in the coming years. The 3D scanner market is anticipated to grow from USD 3.41 billion in 2016 to USD 5.90 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.8% during the forecast period.

Adopt scan to BIM design build in your construction workflow and reduce delays in construction design schedules. To implement, point cloud scan to BIM modeling, get in touch with the Tejjy Inc. point cloud BIM modelers at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].




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