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What are BIM Task Teams?

Niraj Mistry, senior BIM assessor at Stroma Certification, examines the role of BIM Task Teams pre-contract, during construction

BIM Implementation Collaborative Processes & Tender Project
Published: 05/02/2018

Within Building Information Modelling (BIM), Task Teams can provide services or goods either directly to the employer or to another party in the supply chain. This will include some Tier 1 organisations but Task Teams usually comprise the technical disciplines, services and products of Tier 2 and below. They are involved in the information exchange processes related to the Project Information Model (PIM), which will eventually turn into the employer’s Asset Information Model (AIM). Delivering the PIM can involve the production, extraction and contribution of various information during pre-construction, construction and post-construction.

What is the role of the Task Team?


  • During the tendering stage, Task Teams will need to provide their:
  • Supplier BIM Assessment Form.
  • Supplier information technology (IT) assessment form.
  • Supplier resource assessment form.
  • Produce their Task Information Delivery Plan(s) (TIDP).

In the event that Task Teams use suppliers themselves then they too are Task Teams. Thus, there should be equivalent documents present for the rest of the supply chain. There needs to be a cascade of information down the chain to facilitate responses to the Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR).

This information will then contribute to a lead supplier’s BIM Execution Plan (BEP) and Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP), which along with other documentation will demonstrate how the EIR and project brief will be met.

Post-contract award

Task Teams are now working within the collaborative project environment, with most activity being dictated by the lead supplier’s BEP. This will commute the project protocol for management, planning and documentation, the standard methods and procedures, and IT solutions to be adopted.

Task Teams at this point will be updating their TIDPs as necessary, which are in turn used to update the MIDP. The TIDPs need their own milestones and need to convey the responsibility for the delivery of the Task Team’s information. Responsibilities of Task Team members need to be defined, along with information transfers between team members, and the required sequence of model preparation for any work packages used in the project.


Task Teams and delivery

Task Teams can be any teams assembled to complete a task, eg architects, structures, MEP, road, tunnels, rail etc. PAS 1192-2 defines roles, responsibilities and authorities in connection with information management, but it does not limit further arrangements for specific project requirements.

The defined roles are Task Team Manager, Task Information Manager, Interface Manager and BIM Authors. The responsibilities and the authorities of these roles should be defined as part of the BEP.

Task Team Manager

  • Production of design outputs related to a discipline specific, package-based or time-based task.
  • Issue approved information within the common data environment.

Task Information Manager

  • Direct the production of task information in compliance with standards and methods.
  • Direct the production of task information using agreed systems.
  • Confirm that information is suitable for issue within a common data environment.

Interface Manager

  • Manage spatial coordination on behalf of a Task Team.
  • Propose resolutions to coordination clashes.

BIM Authors/Information Originators 

  • Develop constituent parts of the information model in connection with specific tasks.
  • Production of project outputs.
  • Ownership of own model information.


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