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10 Steps to Speed Up BIM Adoption

BIM is an industry-wide platform that cannot be developed in isolation.

BIM Implementation Workflows
Published: 07/07/2020

BIM is an industry-wide platform that cannot be developed in isolation. The technology needs the involvement of as many AEC stakeholders as possible. Now, the question is how to speed up the attainment of Building Information Modeling at Level 2, while providing practicalities for succeeding to Level 3 and beyond the stage? 

Here are the 10 steps to accelerate BIM implementation:

1. CollaborationBIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions should be developed in such a way that it helps to break-down the organizational boundaries for transforming information, allowing team-work and overcoming the limitations from procurement and contracting rules in certain contemporary public contracts.

2. Association – All AEC stakeholders should have the capacity to access, share, and consume data needs independently in any document format. Further, the information should be structured and easy to obtain by all team members.

3. Accessibility to Cloud & Mobile Data – Data needs to be accessed from anywhere on a wide array of devices to meet the professional needs of the office, on-site, and should have interoperability.

4. Knowledge – All AEC professionals should obtain knowledge from industries like aviation and automotive that used digital techniques for a longer period to manage the design and product development 

5. Appropriate Information – The support as well as the information should be appropriate to the construction life-cycle stage, during the construction as well as when the building is in use. Soft-landing information requirements should be identified in an up-front manner. This is an instance of where we can learn from a systems engineering methodology to management, substantiation, and validation.

6. Analytic tools – There should be the usage of analytics tools for adding value to the information contained and optimizing decision making.

7. Up-front speculation – Guesswork needs to be eliminated for reducing the budget strain and linking the tool usage to the value derived from it.

8. Clear Process of Work – The technique should be clear for guiding the workflow at every stage and the technology should support and streamline this.

9. New legal concepts – AEC professionals should consider the issues of intellectual property and accountability required to move from the federation of individual models to collaborative working on the same model. 

10. Human Aspect – All construction professionals who are willing to access training and want assistance related to BIM through the unavoidable concerns and alterations in working practices should be catered.

Follow these steps to get an extensive industry platform for Building Information Modeling and taking it forward. Instead of developing the BIM technology in isolation, it should be created with the active participation of all the industry members, focusing on the specific areas and issues producing the most advantage.

To obtain a wide coalition for making a change in the way of BIM adoption and standing at an improved way of reaping the supply chain and building life-cycle-long efficiencies through BIM, it is significant to follow the steps. 

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