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Drones Technology for AEC Industry-A boon!

3D / VDC Project Workflows
Published: 29/03/2019

Drones …We all are familiar with this tool as a martial tool. But drones are not any longer restricted to Military and Government. The use of drones is increasing and becoming popular these days for Aerial Photography, Agriculture, Mapping Applications, Weather Forecasting and many more…! “Drone is any unmanned aircraft or ship, also known as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), that is guided remotely”.

Could BIM be integrated with drones? Yes… And for no surprise drones have arose as a powerful technology to bolster BIM technology in many ways.


Let’s give a look of how drones can be combined with BIM workflow at different stages of a Project.

Pre-Construction Activities

Activities like land surveying (topography) & site exploration can be successfully achieved by Drones Technology saving time and labor and indeed giving precise surveys not prone to human errors which are high-resolution and clear aiding Planning and Design.

Throughout Construction

During Construction, Drones can be utilized for numerous tasks like better designing with a view of prevailing site details and adjacent structures, you may be able to design a model and visualize it in a better manner making it viable for construction.

Tracking and monitoring progress and have a view of the activities taking place on the site.

Security concerns of the site can also be resolved by having a sight of all the trespassing, theft or damage taking place along with the safety of the laborers on site reducing on-site mishaps.


Activities like inspections, maintenance, evaluation activities can be accomplished saving time with efficiency and accuracy.

Visualization & Marketing

Incomparable aerial views of the site help in providing enriched viewing experiences to the owners and associated personnel. Also, they can help to highlight prominent areas of the edifices for promotional purposes.

Thus, Cost Effectiveness; Risk Mitigation; Access to remote sites & locations; Enhanced Data Resolution; Saving time in Data Collection & its Processing Compact & Intellectual Results are some of the benefits of the Drone Technology that extends the usage of Drones from Construction (AEC) Sector to Agriculture, Urban Development, Railways, Infrastructures, Forest & Wildlife, Disaster Management, Health Care, Mining, Traffic Management.


As stated by the global market intelligence and advisory firm, BIS Research, India is expected to be one of the fastest growing markets for drones and UAVs because of their ability to transform all key sectors. India’s UAV market is expected to reach USD 885.7 million by 2021, whereas, the global UAV market will reach US$ 21.47 billion.

Aren’t you excited to embrace this technology and work with Drones!

You may certainly but just take some time to go through the protocols as Usage of Drones is bound by the Drone Policy of The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) which answers the queries like How, Who, Which and Where can one fly drones subject to certain Do’s and Don’ts.

To mention, there are many companies globally including India, providing Drone Manufacturing/Repairs as well as BIM Drone Services. You can easily get their information on Internet.

In closing, Drones Technology in conjunction with BIM will prove to be valuable throughout the project lifecycle and play a vital role in enabling AEC industry to add deliver massive & complex projects efficiently & effectively with regards to time and quality.

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