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Navisworks Managing BIM 4D Simulation

Manage 4D BIM Scheduling with Navisworks

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Published: 05/11/2020

Architectural, Engineering and Construction professionals are seeking 4D BIM services for planning and scheduling activities. Top BIM engineering companies across the world are opting for 4d simulation of construction sequences to provide accurate information to project team members. BIM market USA is also depending to a great extent on 4d BIM scheduling services for the sake of construction project management.

What are 4D BIM Services?

4D BIM services involve a process of intelligent linking of a BIM model with time or schedule information. The technique provides accurate and useful construction project information for stakeholders. Structural design engineers create an integrated BIM model with time and schedule related information with 4D BIM for creating a construction project. Detailed 4D BIM Revit models help to produce accurate information from various project stakeholders so that they are able to visualize the  construction sequences and evaluate on-site and off-site progress throughout the project lifecycle.

How Navisworks Help to Manage 4D Simulation?

Importing construction schedules into Navisworks and assigning elements to tasks, allow the BIM engineering company to simulate the construction activities in due course of time. Implementation of Navisworks software platform helps in visualizing the construction process in a step-by-step manner.

Let’s check out the steps of managing 4d simulation in Navisworks:

Preparing the Model & Schedule

First of all, create the BIM Revit model and export it to Navisworks. However, prior to export, it is essential to set the tags for individual elements clearly for the ease of access on Navisworks. Moreover, architectural firms, MEP engineers and structural design engineers should prepare a building schedule on Excel.

 Here are the significant considerations while creating your 4D scheduling:

·         Ensure a column with increment values. Examine the fact that there are no missing values within it. This will be significant for you at a later stage to map the columns for scheduling tasks on Navisworks. Name it as Synchronization ID. 

·         To use Auto, you need to assign tool on Navisworks.  This will automatically help you to assign elements to their subsequent tasks. Name tasks after the tag names for individual elements.

Consider the date format and make it consistent,  otherwise Navisworks software platform may provide you a tough time recognizing the dates.

Importing Revit Model into Navisworks

BIM engineers open up Navisworks and then open .ifc files. They check the fact whether the BIM Revit model is ready to be operated.  You have to click the Timeliner tab on the Home tab for bringing up the main scheduling tool. Then click on Add and CSV import, beneath the data sources tab in the window Timeliner and choose your schedule from the list. Structural design engineers often map columns in the task tab of timeliner to the corresponding columns in imported schedule. In case the first schedule comprises of headings, one has to leave the check box. Next, from drop down menus, the column name can be assigned to a corresponding External Field name. The Synchronization ID becomes handy in this regard. While creating the link, try to map the column to unique ID. If this doesn’t exist in the CSV file, synchronization will not operate, as the software will complicate the tasks with similar names.

Task Assignment

To assign your task, click the task on the Task tab. After selecting, try to open the Selection Tree tab on the Home tab. Next, click the elements you like to assign to this task. Clear tags play a vital role in this regard. While making the selection, click on the ‘Attach’ button in the Task tab and then click ‘Attach current Selection’. In contrast, currently top BIM engineering companies are attaching the tasks automatically through assigning certain rules to Navisworks software. This takes place if the task names are the same as the element names you like to assign to that task. Click ‘Auto – attach’ and in the subsequent dialog, select the rule you like to use. Nevertheless, this option becomes problematic if you are having a number of items with the same name, as the software has the tendency to choose one of the items instead of all of them. After assigning items to corresponding tasks, you will be able to visualize your 4D simulation, by going to the simulate tab present on timeliner and clicking the play button.

4D construction simulation or 4D BIM services are much in demand in BIM market USA. The 4D BIM models improve collaboration amongst project teams and clients. This ultimately helps in providing clear milestones of the project and enhanced construction plans. Talk to one of the top BIM service providers in USA – Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 for getting the perfect 4d scheduling for your construction project.

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