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Project Kickoff Meeting in a Project Execution Plan

Project Execution Plan is a term widely known in construction technology field.

Published: 19/02/2018

Country: India

Introduction to the concept

In the first place, BIM (Building Information Modeling) Set Up/Project Kickoff Meeting is a Project Execution Plan which defines the processes from start to end. Project Execution Plan, this term is widely known in construction technology field.

To clarify, the Project Kickoff Meeting plan includes the aims, methods for the project. Further, it explains complexity throughout the lifecycle of the project. The project schedule, cost estimation, contractual responsibilities and, output, i.e., final deliverables are inclusive, too.

Even after having these things, there can be necessary information available for the owner of related operations and facility management of the building.

BIM models are considered as a simple technology for multi-disciplinary projects for the design and construction, nowadays.

For efficient collaboration, a Project Kickoff Meeting is essential to solving project management issues which may arise with less knowledge of BIM coordination.

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What do you have to talk about at a Project Kickoff Meeting?

Colleagues: Identify BIM administrators/pioneers from each stream that will be in charge of model improvement and support. Regular model service incorporates day by day checking of record measure, document creation, determination of notices, and guaranteeing consistency with Project Execution Plan.

For continuous building help and coordinated effort, a BIM Manager Contract analysis shall be dispersed to the project group according to Project Execution Plan.

Desires: Set the aspirations and objectives of the project in the Project Kickoff Meeting. Talk about the level of experience each lesson has in BIM and decide where to actualize Revit.

Examine further development that is in utilization as a part of an expansion to Revit and how these projects will cooperate in the Project Execution Plan.

Work process: Review how each lecture of Project Kickoff Meeting builds up their models through the due course of events. Build up displaying necessities, and possession. After that, recognize what level of BIM demonstrating every advisor can finish between the different stages of the Project Execution Plan.

Survey how each model will be in connection and how changes are going to follow? How will be the model-sharing between expert orders? By FTP, Model Server or Email? Decide when and how regularly the model will need to refresh or share in the team.

Correspondence: Decide the individual instruments to utilize for transferring data to the BIM project group. Examine how the team will address and resolve issues through the planned procedure settled efficiently with colleagues in the Project Kickoff Meeting.

Expectations: Identify the deliverable archives expected at each period of the project including BIM Model, 2D documentation and CAD illustrations.

Additionally, examine and clarify what the BIM model deliverable desires are for the customer. They can be conceivable office necessities and expectation of the contractual worker about the model. Clear these things in the Project Execution Plan.

In any event, if a proprietor requires BIM display, then confirm it in the Project Kickoff Meeting. The demonstrating benchmarks and level of advancement should be precise so that legally binding commitments have a higher scope of fulfillment.


The Project Kickoff Meeting opens the lines of correspondence with the project colleagues. At last, it augments profitability amid the undertaking procedure.

To emphasize, a sorted out and all round Project Execution Plan can streamline coordination. Besides, it diminishes clashes in the plan and guarantees project accomplishment amid development.

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