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Published: 10/04/2018

Country: Spain

We recently published an article about the importance of having an updated elevator pitch. If you feel curious, you can read it again. Although we basically summed up all the main aspects to keep in mind while you're writing yours and how to apply it to your BIMCo profile. Today we will be talking about a new BIMCo feature: Job Alerts. Maybe you already know this section but we want to guide you to all the new hidden treasures. 

Starting your road as a BIM applicant 

First, you need to know is what kind of job are you looking for. We get a different kind of offers daily and we post it in our BIM Jobs main page. You will find it in the upper menu, right below your profile name. 

Once you get in you will find the last BIM positions worldwide. The preview includes the job name, the company, the location and a brief presentation of the profile they are looking for. So if you're currently based in one country but not willing to relocate, you will be able to make a selection. You can also use the filters on the right side of the screen to accurate your search. 

Did you find a position that you would like to apply for? Let's go for it.

I want the work... now what?

Let's say you want to apply for the Business development and sales opportunity from Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. You will have all the description made by the company below a green square. If you like the company but not the current offered position you can follow them directly from the job section. You just have to click on Follow, and you will be updated with their new stuff. 

If you want to apply for the position you can click on Apply. Now, you have two options: 

  • To send your résumé and your cover letter to the email shown on your screen
  • To share your BIMCo profile directly with the company. Now we have added a new option which is to upload your CV and a cover letter from the BIMCommunity page. 


Remember, you will be applying with your BIMCo profile so it is very important to have it updated. You can take a look at this few examples

Once you have updated all the information you are ready to go. 

Is not you, it's me...

Fancy a job but you don't feel ready for it? No worries, we all have been there sometimes. We strongly recommend applying for the job opportunities that could fit with your profile, even if you don't match 100% of the requirements. 

However, if you don't feel confident enough you can take a look at all the training programs that we have available. They will offer you the training you need. Having the knowledge is as same important as having the right skills and experience. 

If you have doubts, you can also connect with other BIMCo members that might be experiencing the same challenges. So don't be afraid to post your doubt in the Q&A section. You can always reach us on our social media channels in case you need further assistance. 

I want to find my dream job

Now, you can do it! We have set a new feature called Job alerts. By setting an alert you will receive a weekly email with the positions that might suit you. You can tell us in which country and city are you looking for, what is your current profession and what job titles are you considering. 


Update all the data and you're all set. 

Hold on, before you go let's keep in mind a few important details...

The companies are constantly looking for new profiles on BIMCommunity. Make sure you have your contact data updated, a professional profile picture and your social media networks linked. You might think it is not very important but this could make you stand out from the competitors. An updated profile is a winning profile.

Organize your time. Think about all the things you do on the day. We only have 24 hours and we have to be very careful in what we put our time on. Make some room to take care of your personal profiles. It is important that all they show a coherent information and show your most updated information. Try to make some research and connect with people. 

There are over 9K users in BIMCommunity. You can take a look at their profiles and follow them. If you have something in common you can write them a personal inbox. Take care your network and make it grow, they are your best endorsement

Do you want to start working on your profile but you feel lazy sometimes? Start setting some goals. They don't have to be big, but they have to be reasonable. For example, think of connecting with 5 profiles every day, write a post and share it with your audience or work on your writing skills. 

Write all your goals in a small list and put them a priority. You will be surprised how things change once you put them on a white sheet. Try to give them an estimated time. For example, if your goal is to write a BIM article give yourself a daily routine of 10 minutes for it. You can save your draft in your BIMCo profile and keep working on it later. As simple as that. 

Don't forget to measure your performance. It doesn't make any sense to set some goals if you are not able to calculate their ROI. And above all, enjoy what you do and be yourself. Like BIM, life is about human relations and soul so be prepared to commit yourself with your team and deliver the best of yourself. 

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